Nati 1 - 1st Round

Invest in the Best Food Sources for Generations

We have opened the first call for partners to join this agribusiness opportunity: another 110 hectares of pecan orchards will be developed in the Nati Project.

Nati South Africa is open for private and institutional investments, private equity, and venture capital. Investors will be issued company shares with preferential dividends.

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We offer Return On Investment starting from Year 3

Return On Investment
from Year 3
Entry starts at
20,000 USD (18,000 EUR)
180,000 Rand for African Continent Residents
About Us

Nati South Africa is a family agricultural business. For decades, the Villar de Rohde family has been involved in the production and worldwide distribution of high-quality food products from Argentina.

Our Mission

Nati South Africa bases its development and continued growth on five building blocks which embody eco-friendly, sustainability, social responsibility, emerging markets and exceptional profitability.

Our Plan

Together with our shareholders, our aim is to become a world leader in the nut market.

Our Company Profile

Nati South Africa was set up in 2020 as a member of the Siete Marias Group and a sister company to Pecan Argentina S.A, joining one of the largest groups
of Pecan plantations in the Southern Hemisphere.


Today, Pecan Argentina operates 2 000 hectares (4 942 acres) of plantations, with over 70 000+ trees growing in Argentina, a country on its way to become one of the world’s leading food suppliers.

Nati South Africa explained

Why South Africa

Our first plantation is located near the Rietspruit Dam in the North West province which is 65 km (40 miles) north of Potchefstroom and 150 km (93 miles) west of Johannesburg. This area was chosen for its favoring climate, as well as its excellent quality of soil and water availability providing ideal conditions for the production of pecan nuts.

We invite you to join our new opportunity in South Africa!

Our further development and success
lie in sustainability, market knowledge and above all the company’s committed leadership.

Risk Notification

All agricultural investments bear certain risks. Shareholders become co-owners of the land, which is expected to increase dramatically in value and reduce risks. All numbers are calculated on a very conservative basis. All numbers are based on the wholesale of nuts-in-shell, meaning the lowest potential turnover. A basis of 5% inflation cost and 5% country risk were considered. For foreign currencies the yield can rise or fall due to currency fluctuations. 

This presentation constitutes no guarantee for statements herein, as these may reflect expectations of forecasts of future corporate actions, market activity, financial performance and future investment strategies. These statements are subject to risks, uncertainties and assumptions which could cause actual events, results to differ significantly from the information presented in or implied by this document

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