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Nati South Africa is looking for partner families for 28% of the shares
as private equity investment, issuing shares with preferential dividends to the venture capitalists with an estimated average annualized ROI of 4.9% in the near term (10 years), 11.4% in the midterm (15 years) and 25.6% in the long term (25 years). We are targeting to raise $1.5 to 4 million USD. The minimum investment is $20,000 USD (18 000 Euros) for non-African Continent residents and 180,000 Rand for African Continent residents.


We invite you to join our new opportunity in South Africa!
Our further development and success
lie in sustainability, market knowledge and above all the company’s committed leadership.


Together with our shareholders, our aim is to become a world leader in
the nut market.

The Villar de Rohde family,
the founders of the Siete Marias Group, has been producing and distributing high quality agricultural products for generations across all continents.

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We offer Return On Investment starting from Year 3

Return On Investment
from Year 3, after capitalization completes
Entry starts at
20,000 USD (18,000 EUR)

180,000 Rand for African Continent Residents

Return on Investment

There are two classes of shares for partners of Nati South Africa:
“A-shares” and “B-shares with preferential dividends”.



A-shares (belonging to the initiators) kick in and start getting dividends only after the B-shares with preferential dividends have accumulated 100% Return on Investment. The operator group holds a participation of 72%, leaving the investing partners with 28% of future shares of the common company.


B-shares with preferential dividends will allow holders to receive all paybacks until an accumulated 100% of their original investment has been achieved. After this date (targeting after year 12) they will share profits with the A shareholders

nati roi table-01.png

Turnover Planning

The turnover depends mainly on the development of the harvest volume, and the initial year investments are made from the reserves. Our forecast under normal weather conditions is shown in the chart below.

The revenue situation is closely related to the exponentially growing harvest, starting in the fifth year with limited numbers, increasing strongly from the eight year onwards. All financial figures are based on the current market environment. Both the prices per kilogram in the revenues and the cost of trees, machinery, personnel and basic operating costs have been conservatively calculated.


Price Development of in-shell Pecans 1980 - 2020

The price for Pecans follows a solid growth trend within the last 40 years.

Average in-shell Pecan Price in 2018: 6.20 USD/kg


Investment Planning

The major investments planned for Nati South Africa include the purchase of land and water reserves for new orchards, preparation of the land for the plantation, cultivation of Pecan saplings, installation of an irrigation system, purchase of machinery and storage facilities, building a staff structure and potential purchase of existing orchards.

The need for capital to make investments extends over the first three years. For the running costs, liquidity is provided by current revenues from year one. All major investments will have been placed by year three, at the latest.