Would you want to be a founder of a generational legacy?

Invest in hundreds of years of fruit and profit!

Secure your wealth in a nutshell.

Years ago, Warren Buffett was interested in the tech stock Google. One of his companies, Geico insurance, used Google advertising. It paid more than $10 per click, which cost Google barely anything. It was clear that Google had a great business model and a moat — it wouldn’t be easy for other companies to compete.

And yet, the world-famous investor decided not to buy any shares. He didn’t get their business model, and did not make the effort to understand.

Today, Google is worth over $1.12 trillion dollars. Can you imagine how rich he could have been? Not investing in Google is one of his largest regrets — he had his chance and blew it.


Now is your time

You have an opportunity to tip the balance in your favour. With an over time annual ROI of over 25%, you can make a decision that will secure your generation’s wealth over the lifetime of a pecan tree — for hundreds of years. You can have your children’s children partake in your wealth.


Your choice could let you avoid the mistake Warren Buffett made by not buying Google.


An agribusiness opportunity like no other

We are opening a unique opportunity for you to diversify your portfolio and become a partner in the next big thing in agriculture: Pecan Farming!


You see, pecan farming is one the highest yielding agricultural business’ that has been accessible to the lucky few.  But we want to invite you to be a partner and to have a share of these high returns.


In the whole world, South Africa is the 3rd largest pecan nut producer.

And according to the American Pecan Society, South Africa is expected to produce 145 million pounds by 2027. This will be more than 10% of the world’s production.


This projection is in alignment with the robust growth the industry has experienced.

Pecan nuts truly are consumed everywhere, from America to China and from Russia to Mexico. It is clear that the market’s growth will continue over the next few decades.

Due to the growing popularity of vegetarianism, veganism and other healthy diet trends, more people are turning to plant-based foods. They want healthier food choices. Pecan nuts are a part of that trend, with an increase in the production of pecan pies, pecan cookies, and even pecan milk.


The opportunities are endless.


Cash in on incredible

worldwide demand

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-21 at 19.19.02 (2

If you look at how small pecans are worldwide compared to all the other nuts combined, there are such huge growth opportunities that there’s no risk of overproducing pecans.” Hardus du Toit, the Senior Technical Officer of the South African Pecan Nut Producers’ Association

In fact, according to Persistence Market Research, the pecan market is expected to be valued at $2.7bn by 2030. What an opportunity! Being an early partner will give you the chance to reap more as the industry grows.

Let us do the

hard work for you

Our Villar de Rohde family, has been producing and distributing agricultural products for decades. We understand pecan farming like the back of our hands. We have over 50 years of experience in export and maintain various offices throughout the USA, South America and Europe.

We also have direct access to leading Pecan traders, as well as leading producers in the USA, food importers and distribution channels in China, Taiwan, Germany, France and Spain. This allows us to distribute the farmed pecans efficiently and globally.


Lia Villar & Dominicus Rohde

Germany - Argentine couple with the next generation of leadership


Do you want to create a lifetime fortune?

Will you create a legacy?

Partnering now, will be a sound decision both for yourself, and for future generations.

Pecan Farming has generational benefits that will establish your family legacy.

You can set your children up for success now.


Remember, with more people moving towards healthier dietary choices,

the pecan nut will always have demand in the consumer market.

We will handle all aspects of farming the nuts, and you can trust that you will get the best return.

Planning for the future

We cannot promise you that there will be a second partnership call,

but we can ensure this decision will define your family legacy.

Sign up for our webinar to learn how you can partner in our first round
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P.S: Market prices of nuts are quoted in US dollars

and current exchange rates GREATLY favour local pecan producers.

Risk Notification

All agricultural investments bear certain risks. Shareholders become co-owners of the land, which is expected to increase dramatically in value and reduce risks. All numbers are calculated on a very conservative basis. All numbers are based on the wholesale of nuts-in-shell, meaning the lowest potential turnover. A basis of 5% inflation cost and 5% country risk were considered. For foreign currencies the yield can rise or fall due to currency fluctuations. 

This presentation constitutes no guarantee for statements herein, as these may reflect expectations of forecasts of future corporate actions, market activity, financial performance and future investment strategies. These statements are subject to risks, uncertainties and assumptions which could cause actual events, results to differ significantly from the information presented in or implied by this document

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